SPRAY & SET SPRAY & SET™ Wall Tile Adhesive makes doing it yourself fast & easy.

But don’t take our word on it.

We’re convinced that there is simply no faster, easier, neater and cleaner way to set wall tiles than with SPRAY & SET Adhesive. But, what do consumers and professional contractors think of this revolutionary adhesive? We wanted to know, so we asked.

They were impressed with SPRAY & SET Adhesive, and we were impressed with what they had to say.


“I retiled my mother’s kitchen backsplash this weekend. The SPRAY & SET™ Adhesive worked fantastic. I laid out my pattern and marked the wall surface with marker. I could see the lines through the SPRAY & SET™ Adhesive — something I never figured out how to do with the old trowel method. It took me a lot less time than traditional methods, was less messy and, overall, a lot less of a hassle for a DIY non-professional. My mother actually thought that I knew what I was doing.”

John D.
Bedford Heights, OH

“My husband and I own rental property and we’re constantly working on projects. That includes lots of tiling. The thing that most impressed me about SPRAY & SET™ Adhesive was just how fast and easy it makes tiling projects. I’ve watched my husband struggle with mixing thinset and dealing with spacers and sagging tiles. I was able to tile a whole wall in less than two hours. I also worked on a kitchen backsplash that we started and finished in a single day — including grouting. The results were beautiful.”

Kim W.
Chicago, IL

“I am very, very impressed by SPRAY & SET™ Adhesive. I think it has great advantages over mastic and thinset – the cleanliness, the lack of oozing between tiles. I would definitely say it’s faster and undoubtedly cleaner – there is none of the mess I’m used to when using mastic. I think for backsplashes, SPRAY & SET™ Adhesive will cut my time and aggravation in half. I would definitely recommend SPRAY & SET™ over mastic.”

John J. Sullivan
Ceramic Tile Contractor
Phoenix, AZ

“SPRAY & SET™ Adhesive is phenomenal; it’s something that I would definitely use. I like that I can start at the top and work down on a project without ledger boards – which is something you can’t normally do. I think DIYers will most appreciate the convenience, the reduced mess, being able to do a project with better control and accuracy. You set the tile and you know it is going to be where it’s supposed to be. I would definitely recommend SPRAY & SET™ Adhesive to anybody – contractor or consumer.”

Mike Ensminger
Michael’s Handyman Services
Phoenix, AZ

“The speed of SPRAY & SET™ Adhesive is incredibly fast and I have the confidence that if I make a mistake, I can pull off the tile, spray it again, and reapply the tile. With thinset, you have an issue if you try to take a tile off: you have the old buildup to deal with and the adhesive is much less forgiving. Clean-up is less than half the time. The savings in time, easier cleanup and completing a job in one day make SPRAY & SET™ a great option.”

Jim Bailey
Remodeling Contractor
Bellingham, WA