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Wall Tile Adhesive

After completing your job in just one day… here’s how to make certain it lasts for years.

Once you’ve set and grouted your tile, it’s important to seal the grout to protect it and keep your wall looking beautiful. To help, the Fredsglue Group, Inc., makers of SPRAY & SET™ Adhesive, brings you Tile Guard® brand tile and stone care products. Here are some sealing and maintenance tips:

  • Follow all manufacturer’s directions for the application and curing of your grout — and be sure to contact them if you have specific questions about their product
  • After curing, seal the grout using Tile Guard® One Step Wall & Counter Grout Sealer
  • Over time, tile and grout will need to be cleaned and resealed
  • Be sure to keep your extra tile and supplies in case of breakage or future repairs
  • Save some of your original dry grout so you can match the color in case of needed repairs