A beautiful tiling job done in one day. You can do it with SPRAY & SET™ Adhesive.

There’s a special kind of satisfaction that comes from doing a job yourself. And, when it comes to tiling a backsplash or wall, SPRAY & SET Adhesive makes the job faster and easier.

But don’t forget, preparation is the key to success. So, here are the top ten keys to doing the job right.

  1. Plan ahead. Carefully measure the area you're tiling. Do your homework before you do your housework.
  2. Make sure your wall surface is solid, smooth and even. The wall surface and its condition play a big role in determining the kind of tile and adhesive you choose. A smooth, straight wall to begin with means a smooth, straight wall afterwards. With SPRAY & SET Adhesive, tiles will not bond to walls that have irregular or weak surfaces.
  3. Consider the room you’re tiling. It will impact your tile and adhesive choices. Be sure to consider exposure to water and other environmental factors.
  4. Choose your tile carefully. You'll have to live with it a long time. Be sure to get about 10 percent extra to allow for trim and breakage. If your project is in a tricky area or has lots of cuts, you may need even more tile. It’s always good to keep extra tiles for future repairs.
  5. Determine the right adhesive for the job. For many jobs, SPRAY & SET Adhesive is the smart and easy choice.
  6. Make certain you have the right tools. Your store associate can help you select the right tools for the job.
  7. Select your grout. Be sure to have the supplies you need to seal and maintain it.
  8. Prepare the wall surface and the job site. Make sure the wall surface is dry, even and free of flaws and dust. Thoroughly clean tile backs, too.
  9. Take your time. If you have questions, contact Fredsglue by phone or Live Help, search the Internet or check out a DIY tiling book. Planning now will make the job easier later.
  10. Read all directions twice. Have a copy of those directions handy at your worksite.
Download instructions and tiling tips and keep them handy while tiling:

Section 1
Important Information
Section 2
Planning Your Project
Section 3
At the Store
Section 4
Preparing the Wall
Section 5
Preparing the Tile
Section 6
Applying the Adhesive
Section 7
Setting Tile
Section 8
Repositioning Tile
Section 9
Additional Applications
Section 10
Section 11
Applying Thinset
Full Instruction Set PDF