Express yourself in every room. It’s fast and easy with SPRAY & SET™ Adhesive.

Brighten a kitchen. Add accents to a family room. Create drama in your dining room. Freshen up your powder room. The right tile can do all of this. And SPRAY & SET Adhesive makes it easy for you to do it yourself.

To create your own unique look,
consider the following tiling options.

  • Size - the size you choose can make rooms seem bigger and more expansive or smaller and more intimate.
  • Shape - tile comes in a variety of shapes that can help you create a bold or subtle statement in your rooms.
  • Color - can set the mood of a room and impact all of your other design choices, such as furniture and fixture styles.
  • Texture - adds a unique physical dimension to tile choice — from smooth to rough depending on the room and its use.
  • Patterns - mix and match shapes, sizes, color and textures to create a truly unique look throughout your home.
  • Mosaics - these smaller tiles usually come in mesh-backed sheets and create unique looks, but need to be set carefully
  • Borders - define space, add interest and draw attention to your wall design
  • Decorative Tile - personalize your space with an added touch of character or artistic appeal